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Tax King Service is one of only a few companies that are always ready to go beyond their client’s expectations while offering them business tax preparation services.

Leading a company for executives means you must ensure that their tax departments or hired business tax accountants can balance the interplay between achieving operational and strategic objectives, meeting compliance requirements, and managing global risks in a properly-managed but unpredictable regulatory environment.

Our business tax accountants at Tax King understand how to manage unpredictable and unique challenges faced by different organizational shifts. We tackle all your challenges related to business tax and tax extension services in NYC by listening to your queries and concerns, bringing the most relevant resources and people, and using the right technology. This way, we deliver efficient, streamlined, and tailored tax preparation services and solutions in an accurate perspective.

Dealing with new tax reforms increased opportunities and complexity. Tax King helps leverage industry and tax experience to plan your business tax.
Businesses expand all the time into new markets. Our scalable business tax preparation service assists organizations in pursuing their objectives accurately.
By following all accounting principles and standards according to IFRS, Tax King provides income tax accounting services to SMEs and corporates.


Honest, diligent, and integral bookkeeping services offered by Tax King to achieve your financial goals.

Business Consulting

At Tax King, we keep you informed about all the latest developments introduced or established worldwide.

Business Formation

We offer turn-key solutions to all organizations for building a new business as your trusted partner.

Sales Tax

Sales tax compliance is a burden for business owners that we share with our excellent business tax service.

Tax Preparation

The highest level of business tax preparation services keeps you away from all frustrating moments.

Tax Resolution

We help you as your tax accounting consultants solve all your Internal Revenue Service (IRS) related problems.




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