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Streamline Payments for OTC Medicines with Our OTC Network Terminals

Welcome to Tax King Service, one of the most reputed tax and accounting companies in New York. We understand comprehensively how to address the unique challenges retail stores, including deli and convenience stores, face to process over-the-counter medicine and other product payments of those customers who own OTC medicine cards. For that, we ensure all relevant businesses get this OTC network terminal to help conveniently receive payments in their accounts.

The Perfect Solution for OTC Medicine Merchants

Our state-of-the-art OTC Network Terminals enable you to deal with all those credit card payments for OTC medicines and other related products government institutions provide. These over-the-counter network terminals benefit those customers who hold benefit cards to pay the bills of over-the-counter medicines under government policies. These terminals are secure and quick to help businesses collect OTC payments conveniently.

Why Choose OTC Network Terminals?

You can improve your customers’ experience with over-the-counter network terminals arranged by Tax King Services. Because an efficient and convenient checkout process is waiting for them, they come back to you again because they know you have the facility they need.

Tax King Service – A Reliable Solution Provider to accept medicine Cards

Payment disruptions are no more, and we welcome you to seamless payment processing. So, say goodbye to payment-related issues and start using our over-the-counter network terminals for effortless sales and transaction verification of over-the-counter medicines and other allowed products. We ensure these terminals are efficient enough to help you reconcile, report, and prevent errors and discrepancies.

Reliable OTC Network Terminals for Your Store

Our over-the-counter network terminals have backlit numbers, color-touch screen displays, wire-free features, remote troubleshooting, and built-in thermal printers. Moreover, these terminals have minimal maintenance, a user-friendly outlook, and advanced security features, including accepting only OTC network cards. It means secure transactions and customer information through a point-of-sale terminal.

Get Started Today!

Don’t let any payment become a roadblock for your business. So, join those businesses that offer convenient and secure transactions to customers who use over-the-counter medicine credit cards. To learn more about these OTC network terminals, contact us now and get the details about features and fees.

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