Food Processing License in NYS – Let Your Food Business Grow!

Let your food processing business register with The Department of Agriculture and Markets and get a food processing license in NYS with Tax King Service!

Article 20-C Food Processing License in NYS allows food processing plants, manufacturers, retail food establishments, and wholesale bakeries. The Department of Agriculture and Markets issues this license to all those who are involved in any kind of food preparation.

The foods in this category include but are not limited to cheese slicing, meat preparation, sandwich making, preparing sushi, heating food, salad bars, beverage dispensing, ready-to-eat exposed food packaging, and many others. Applying for Article 20-C food processing license in NYS is a complicated task. So, if you need this license, hire Tax King Service and get the license without hassle.

Running a commercial kitchen without a food processing license in NYS is prohibited. You can make and sell various foods only when processing food in NYS. Ready to flourish legally as a food processing and retail business? Tax King Service ensures you get a food processing license under Article 20-C.

Efficient Food Processing Licensing Services in NYS

Baked goods that do not need refrigeration, including cookies, breads, brownies, cakes, rolls, pies, traditional fruit preserves like marmalades, jellies, and jams, candies, repackaged commercial herbs and spices, and snack items like peanut brittle, caramel corn, and popcorns can be sold only with food processing license in NYS.

Cakes that require refrigeration, fermented foods, pickles, poultry products, fish, meat, wine and vegetable jellies, fruit butter, chutneys, bread that contain vegetables or fruits, cheese yogurt, salsas, marinades, sauces, and canned or cooked vegetables and fruits

Canning, baking, pressing, manufacturing, freezing, pickling, bottling, canning, drying, brining, packing, repacking, cooking, heating, dehydrating, juicing, and other processing techniques can risk improper handling and adulteration. Therefore, it is essential for those who implement these procedures to acquire a food processing license.

Who can get benefits from a food processing license NYS?

Food Processors

All those individuals and businesses involved in processing, packaging, or storing food products need a food processing license in New York State.

Restaurants and caterers

A food processing license is also required for those who perform food processing activities, including packaging, as a part of their business operations.

Food Manufacturers

Large-scale food production houses also need licenses for food processing. Packaging, bottling, and canning firms also fall into this category.

Food distributors

All those companies that distribute food also need food processing licenses in New York. Article 20 C ensures food distributors have this license.

Bakeries and confectioneries

These shops produce food items and fall under the purview of this particular licensing regulation in New York City and all other boroughs of NYS.

Other food-related businesses

After getting a license, all food-related companies and shops must verify them with NYS authorities with a food processing license in NYS to work in the state.
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