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Business License

When opening or starting up a business, you need a license to legalize it. Tax King Service offers business licensing services in New York to ensure that you are okay with the law in the future. In New York, laws dictate that every business must have a license. If not, they face the consequences, such as being foreclosed or fined. 

Tax King Inc. provides the best services of Accounting, Taxation, and Business Incorporation at the best rates. We provide free consultancy about starting a new business and how to save money on taxes. We always try to work on the unique principles and features which everyone admires. 

So, whether you want to start a corporation or a small business and do not have a license, we have the answer for you in the form of business licensing services in New York.

Here are a few business licenses in New York that we offer to all our clients:

Business License

When opening or starting up a business, you need a license to legalize it. Tax King Service offers business licensing services in New York to ensure that you are okay with the law in the future.

EBT License

Food stamps allow low-income households to get food when they have a food shortage or will have to face hunger. A particular system, the Electronic Benefits System (EBT), is available under New York state’s law. With this system, the state’s welfare department issues EBT snap food stamps to deserving individuals. Although there is an online system to apply for these stamps, Tax King Service offers the services of EBT snap food stamp registration to avoid complications you may face during the registration and management phases.

EBT/ SNAP Registration for Retailers

At Tax King Service, we help interested New York retailers register with EBT/SNAP. Adding this feature allows retailers to grow their business by empowering their communities. When a retailer gets an EBT/SNAP registration in New York, he can enable customers with an EBT/SNAP card to shop, opening doors to a wide customer base. More importantly, he can contribute to the well-being of those families and individuals who need these services.

Tobacco License

The tobacco industry is one of those sensitive ones that governments manage with great attention and authority. The same is true in New York State, where getting a tobacco license NYC consists of various procedures. If you do not have a tobacco license in New York, you cannot sell tobacco of any type. So, to get this license without issues after following all the rules and procedures, we recommend you hire our services for a cigarette permit in New York.

Lotto License

It is a must to have a lottery license in New York to hold a gaming or lottery event. The reason behind this law is to manage lottery and gambling events fully and regularize them. So, if you want to get a lottery license NYC, you must follow some specially-designed rules and regulations, which are difficult to follow to get this license conveniently. The best option to get this license is to partner with Tax King Service, which has experts who know how to keep you legal throughout the process and after acquiring the license.

Food Processing License

Let your food processing business register with The Department of Agriculture and Markets and get a food processing license in NYS with Tax King Service!

Article 20-C Food Processing License in NYS allows food processing plants, manufacturers, retail food establishments, and wholesale bakeries. The Department of Agriculture and Markets issues this license to all those who are involved in any kind of food preparation.

Food Retail License

A food retail license or permit is for those establishments that sell food to generate profits or serve society by providing food not for profit. Pizzerias, bakeries, emergency food relief organizations, senior centers, bars, takeout, restaurants, public and non-public schools, fraternal and charitable organizations, employee cafeterias, night clubs, and cabarets are included in those needing food service establishment permits. You must get this license from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH).

CBD Business License

Selling cannabinoid hemp products is an essential part of the Cannabinoid Hemp Program. And to run a CBD business, it is essential to get a CBD license from the Office of Cannabis Management in New York and all its boroughs. Tax King Service arranges this license, the Cannabinoid Hemp Retail License, on your behalf without hassle.

Home Improvement Contractor

You can work as a home improvement contractor only if you have acquired a home improvement contractor license in NYC, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) issues this license in New York City. However, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) issues home improvement contractor licenses in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

OTC Network Terminal

Welcome to Tax King Service, one of the most reputed tax and accounting companies in New York. We understand comprehensively how to address the unique challenges retail stores, including deli and convenience stores, face to process over-the-counter medicine and other product payments of those customers who own OTC medicine cards. For that, we ensure all relevant businesses get this OTC network terminal to help conveniently receive payments in their accounts.

Contractor Registration

If you want to work with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) as a contractor or supplier, you need to register with them through Contractor Registration with MTA, and Tax King Service helps you make it possible.

Registering with MTA is essential because it opens the door to government transportation contracts, which can really boost your business. Whether interested in working with MTA Long Island Rail Road, MTA Metro-North Railroad, MTA Staten Island Railway, MTA Bridges and Tunnels, or MTA New York City Transit, Tax King Service can help you get registered as a contractor with MTA. Just contact us, and we will assist you through the process.

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