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Unemployment Insurance Audit | Everything You Must Be Aware

Many of us have to deal with multiple unemployment insurance audits regularly. So, if you face the same situation, Tax King Service helps you maintain all the required records and prepare them when needed on an immediate basis. Moreover, we ensure you will face no legal complications when you need to provide the records necessary for the authorities.

Why are you being audited?

One of the questions often asked is why unemployment insurance is audited. Tax King Service helps you figure this out by looking at your records and planning for an unemployment audit.

The second question is about the deadline to complete this task of unemployment insurance audit in New York. It is because there may be repercussions if you do not meet the deadline. Also, the system randomly chooses a person to be audited to ensure no overpayments or underpayments. Therefore, you must be ready to deal with it, and Tax King Inc. helps you achieve this target.

It is best to have maintained a record for a minimum of 4 years of unemployment audit in NYC to ensure that you have all the information that you will need when facing an auditor. Government agencies do audits to protect the unemployment audit system from fraudulent behavior.

While under audit, your job searches also get checked, so you must ensure that you fulfil the minimum requirement of the required job searches; otherwise, there may be problems for you.

What services Tax King offers regarding unemployment audit NYC?

We offer consultancy services for unemployment insurance audits in New York. Moreover, we also guide you on how to go about record maintenance. Additionally, we also guide you on whether you need to employ our services or not.
We help you plan for an unemployment audit New York to assess your specific situations and guide you about handling an audit if you are notified of one. We also guide you to keep a record of your job searches.
Tax King Service will review the audit with you when an audit has occurred. We also show you any additional taxes you must pay or find some payments that still need to be delivered. If you disagree with the results, we also suggest procedures.

Accurate Evaluation

We evaluate the category in which you fit and whether you should continue receiving unemployment insurance.

Multitude of Services

Tax King Service offers multiple services not only to individuals but also to companies and individual contractors.

Record Management

We help you prepare all your records and make them available instantly when an unemployment audit is called.

Additional Services

Our accounting experts and tax preparers in New York also ensure all other taxes are monitored and paid promptly.

Audit Review Filing

If the audit is inappropriate or inaccurate, Tax King Service also helps you file the review case accurately.

Call Tax King Service

You should call Tax King Inc. and confirm the time, date, and place where your audit is going to take place.




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