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NYC Payroll Taxes Obligations Affect Small Businesses

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Business owners in NYC face many consequences while running a business. However, these consequences have a massive impact on small businesses. NYC Payroll taxes are the biggest challenge for small enterprises. The owners should monitor federal, state, and local tax return obligations. 

You can resolve your tax-related issues and file taxes on time with the help of a tax accountant. However, it would be best if you were well-informed about payroll taxes. So, let us start!

In the following blog, you will encounter issues and problems that a businessman deals with while doing payroll taxes. 

Main Crisis for Small Business Due to NYC Payroll Taxes

Financial Burden for Small Businesses

Business people consider NYC payroll taxes obligations as a financial burden because it decreases ability in the following manner:

  • To invest in employees
  • To invest in the business
  • To compete in the broader economy

Moreover, 77% of small business employers agreed that federal business taxes are extremely burdensome. 

An Obstacle in the Cash Flows

Tax payment can be an obstacle to your small business’s cash flows. An organization’s operation may get stuck if improper tax payment is scheduled. For example, if the tax payment is made during a period of low cash inflow, you have a severe problem to solve. 

Reduce Profitability 

As businesses are under a financial Burden, they cannot invest in their production. Hence, it reduces profitability. Most say that out of 10 business issues, four are due to taxation issues. Moreover, profit is the sole source of running a small enterprise as they have little investments from external sources. 

What is the Purpose of NYC Payroll Taxes?

The government deducts payroll taxes from an organization, and its employees’ paychecks get funds for social security and Medicare. Most of the time, employers and employees are equally burdened. However, in the case of small enterprises, employers feel more pressured. 

Determine Who is Eligible for NYC Payroll Taxes

The first step is to observe taxable employees in your organization so you can estimate the taxes to be paid. The taxability depends on 

Type of employment: It means whether you have a permanent or part-time hourly employee. 

Outsourcing: you can save yourself from NYC payroll taxes by outsourcing employees. For instance, you can outsource a tax accountant from tax king services. 

Additionally, you can check the IRS common law rule to clarify the concept of taxable workers. 

Which Taxes are Due by SME Employers?

Tax accountants in NYC offer two types of payroll NYC requirements and taxes. You are accountable for both those your employee pays and those you pay. You must understand that you are always liable for adequately collecting and disbursing payroll tax and take this obligation very seriously.

As the owner of an SME (small and medium enterprise), you should pay all the payroll taxes from state to local. However, you can always consult a tax accountant in NYC if you need more information about taxes. 

What are Withholding NYC Payroll Taxes Obligations?

Some taxes are mandatory to be paid from paychecks and salaries. If you fail to pay taxes or do not pay them on time, you will face the consequences like penalties and fines.  

Withholding payroll taxes include FICA, Medicare, FUTA, and SUTA. However, in some states like New York and California, disability insurance is also necessary. All these taxes are burdensome for an SME owner. In some small businesses, the employer is the only employee because he is self-employed, so the owner pays taxes quarterly in these cases. 

Lack of Tax Obligation Awareness

Employers need more awareness to fulfill tax obligations. Sometimes a complex taxation process leads them to avoid paying taxes on time and be prone to fines. They do not do it deliberately, and passive tax resistance causes a delay in tax payment. 

They pay their taxes on time when they understand the tax system and believe it is fair. Conversely, if they think that the tax system charges them more unjustly, they go to tax avoidance. Therefore, compliance is directly proportional to tax obligation awareness. 


You should be clear about payroll taxes; for ease, you can hire a tax accountant NYC from tax king. The proprietors monitor their federal, state, and local tax filing requirements. Payroll taxes may hamper the financial flow of your small firm. The consensus is that 4 out of 10 business problems are related to taxation. As the SME (small and medium firm) owner, you are responsible for paying all payroll taxes, including a federal and state.

Employers are responsible for both the costs you and your employee incur. If you need to learn more about taxes, you can always consult with a tax professional in NYC.


Payroll taxes burden small businesses, and as a result, they face low cash flows, reduced employees’ salaries and bonuses, and low investment for the future.

The four most common payroll deductions are as follows:

  • FICA
  • Medicare
  • Income taxes 
  • Compensation  

Small businesses pay taxes based on whether they are a pass-through entity or corporation. A pass-through pays up to 37% tax on business profits, while a corporation pays only 21% tax. 

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