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How Do You Get a Business License and Prepare for Sales Tax?

Table of Contents

In New York, most businesses require licenses, and sales taxes are strictly enforced. Consult tax brokerage companies that can buy your license and prepare your taxes. Your company should apply for a license before starting the business, so you know how long it will take you to run a licensed business. Moreover, for some businesses, like tobacco and liquor, the sellers are strictly advised to have a license before directly selling the products to the consumer.

Tax King services are best for you as they offer business incorporation, accounting, licensing, and taxation services. You will be surprised while going through the most affordable business license services in NYC. Be tension-free about your businesses’ accounting, taxation, and licensing because Tax King serves small and large businesses.

Read below to find out how to get a sales tax exemption and business license.

Business license: Tax King Services will license your business. 

A license permits the business owner to run a business legally in a city, state, or country. The government allows the business to operate in a specific region or country. But the business license is only given with effort if you apply; it will take months or years. However, you will get business license approval through an agency like Tax King in no time.

The following are some business licenses we can provide you at Tax King Services. Read below for details.

Retail Food Store License 

Business people who sell hazardous foods and products that need to be stored in time-temperature safe places require a retail food store license in NYC. It is because the food store selling meat and dairy products must serve people fresh and hygienic food items. 

So, retail food stores need a business license to verify that their store serves fresh and hygienic food items according to food standards. The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets grants business owners this license.

 Tax King will help you get a retail food license and inform you that if you are a restaurant or café owner, have a vending machine, or sell pre-packaged or cooked food; you do not need this business licensing.

Food Establishment Permit

Any place that serves food needs a food establishment license, including schools, religious places, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, takeout, charitable organizations, etc. The government will grant you a business license after inspecting where you serve food and how that food is served. Tax King Services will ease your way to getting a license.

Food Processing License 

Any business that sells processed, packed, and ready-to-eat food items require this license. A food processing license permits and verifies that the owner is served high-quality food according to food standards. Food processing includes manufacturing, canning, pickling, preserving, freezing, drying, and many more processes like these.

Moreover, retail stores, any café or restaurant that uses processing methods or makes frozen desserts require a food processing license. So, if you do any of the processes mentioned earlier, consult Tax King, and we will provide you with a business license in an affordable manner.

Tobacco License

Tobacco retail dealers and vending machines that serve cigarettes need a tobacco license. So, contact Tax King Services to get a business license quickly.

EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer)

Get your electronic benefit transfer EBT card quickly with our help. Contact Tax King Services to receive your EBT benefits quickly and stock up on food and nonalcoholic beverages.

Vapor License

Electronic cigarette licenses, or E-cigarettes, including vapes and pods, are needed by retailers to sell the product directly to buyers. New York department DCWP issue vapor license, and Tax King help you get it.

Cannabis Hemp License

To grow hemp, you need a license, and the government will issue it after checking the participants, processing, location, and storage area. Make your work legal with Tax King, who will promptly provide you with a license.

NYC MWBE Certificate and NYS MWBE Certificate

(New York City Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises) (New York State Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises) 

An MWBE certificate promotes your business and helps it grow. With this certificate, you can be an authentic entrepreneur and attend networking events. Tax King will help MWBE owners get certified.

Apply for all the licenses mentioned earlier and permits with Tax King Service, and contact us for information.

Tax King Services provides sales tax preparation. 


You may get help with your sales tax issues using Tax King’s tax preparation services. These tax preparation services use specialized tax preparers who can assess and compute the tax and file it.

Tax king will guide you on whether the tax applies to your business. Also, it saves you from paying extra money in taxes. It is challenging to fill out forms yourself, so Tax King will fill them out for you and create files. Moreover, they assess your business and advise ways to exempt sales taxes. Figure out what to pay and schedule timely payments for you.

Sales tax compliance


In simple words, sale tax compliance is filling out and preparing sales tax files, then using these files for tax return purposes. Generally, sales tax applies to businesses that earn a certain amount of money in a year, as suggested by the government. Tax King will solve your problems so you can focus on your work, and additionally, we will overcome your tax liabilities.

Sale tax audit


A sales tax audit happens when the government suspects that the company is making more money and paying less tax. Tax King will audit your business and notify you ahead of time if you pay less tax and want the extension to pay.

Final thought 


Most companies in New York City need permits, and sales taxes are strictly enforced. Consult a tax preparation and license purchase brokerage firm like Tax King Services, which is famous for taxation, accounting, licensing, and company establishment. You may get your ETB, food retail and processing, tobacco, and vapor licenses with tax king; moreover, it will help you with sales tax.


Following are the list of licenses you may get with the help of tax king services to run a business in NYC:

  • Retail food store license
  • Food establishment license
  • Food processing license
  • Tobacco license
  • ETB
  • Vapor license
  • Cannabis hemp license
  • NYC/NYS MWBE certificate

When the government doubts that a company’s sales are higher than the taxes it pays, a sales audit occurs. You can do a sale audit with the help of a tax agency like Tax king and save yourself.

Licenses and permits are highly similar except for time, inspection duration, and restrictions. And yes, Tax King will help you get a license or a permit.

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