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Staten Island Accounting Services – Tax Audit and Business License Solution

The services of our small accounting firm extend all across the state of New York. So, if you are in Staten Island, we have covered you through an excellent tax audit, business licensing, and bookkeeping and accounting services in NYC. We make it possible because we have experienced and well-versed senior accountants who not only facilitate the services we provide but also supervise your present accountants through excellence, skills, and professionalism.

Tax King is a renowned name in providing tax accounting services in New York. We have a team of professional tax accountants who exactly know how to prepare you for paying taxes timely and submit tax returns without delays. Moreover, in case of any delays in submitting returns, we also offer tax extension services to help you avoid penalties or any legal issues a company may face.

What Services Do We Offer?

We offer five primary services to our clients in Staten Island and other boroughs of New York. Furthermore, every service has subcategories of its own. For example, when hiring accounting services, you can get bookkeeping, payroll, and outsourced CFO services in New York. Moreover, to provide any of these services, our accountants NYC first assess your company’s situation. After determining the actual situation, they advise you on what services to choose.

Some of the services Tax King Inc. offers:

Audit and accounting services in Staten Island are crucial. These services help develop a check and balance system in any corporation. Our firm provides different types of audit services for companies and individuals. Moreover, we also offer unemployment insurance audits. It is to make sure that the right people are receiving the money. Additionally, the amount is correct as well.

Our firm also has a worker's compensation audit. It helps you ensure that the workers are paid the correct amount. This way, your company can be saved from any fraud as well. Finally, we have the sales tax audit.
Taxes are something that every working person must pay to contribute to the country's economy. We at Tax King Inc. offer tax preparation services. Mainly, we offer business tax preparation services in Staten Island for big and small businesses. We also feature personal tax preparation to make you aware of your tax returns personally.

Additionally, we provide retailers with sales tax preparation in New York so that not only is a correct sales tax applied to the products, but at the same time, you can have proper records of it in case of an audit.
Our firm's primary focus is on your company's accounts aspect. Our bookkeeping services can easily keep track of all your accounts, incomes, and expenses of your company. Moreover, payroll services ensure workers are paid relatively on time. Some other accounting services in Staten Island we offer are supervising the financial department and creating better financial plans for the company.

Why Should You Avail of These Services?

There are multiple reasons for this, such as:
-We prepare you to keep you ahead of time.
-We understand what a corporation is best for you.
-Tax King addresses all your audit requirements.
-To avoid issues later, we ensure you have a businss license.
-We help businesses continue business operations smoothly.




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