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Queens Accounting Services – Tax Audit and Business License Solution

Tax King Service provides all types of accounting services in New York. Moreover, it encompasses the city of New York as well as its boroughs. As the law says that a firm must locate an agent in the state where the clients run their business, we offer accounting services in Queens. Here, we provide all sorts of services that you, as a company, can easily outsource.

Tax King Service, one of the most reliable tax audit firms in New York, has been helping businesses prepare tax records and record all transactions in a way you never face when audited. Moreover, we ensure your audits are accurate and have no errors and omissions in your transactions. It means the most reliable audit services in New York for all the businesses running their operations in all the cities, including Queens.

What Services Do We Provide?

Every company, big or small, must pay its taxes on time. We have tax specialists at the firm to help you with tax preparation and tax planning and provide accounting services in Queens as tax advisors. Additionally, we have specialized accountants for every service, such as personal tax accountants and small business accountants. It is a good idea to complete your tax processes with a professional. It is because the laws tend to change. This way, we can avoid errors. The tax services we offer are:

Business tax preparation is available for all the companies present in Queens. Moreover, we cater individually to each business and ensure your company is ready for the tax season.

We also offer personal tax preparation services in Queens to manage all your income and expenses.

Tax Extension services in Queens are for those who cannot meet the deadline. Consider it a good idea. The reason is that this feature helps file for the extension a good time before the deadline. This way, you can be safe from any fines in the future.

Income tax preparation services in Queens help you prepare yourself for tax preparations as your income is one of the major sources of tax. There can be dire consequences if you do not pay the taxes on time.

Sales tax preparation helps you decide on the sales tax for your products.

Our firm offers three main audit facilities with Accounting Services in Queens. This way, you can ensure that everything has been recorded and accounted for. As accountants, we deal only with the financial audits mentioned below:

We deal with worker’s compensation audits. Through this, you can check whether the employees are being paid their dues on time. Additionally, it can help catch any monetary discrepancies as well.

We also have an unemployment insurance audit that helps you prepare for the government-based audit. Through this, agencies can ensure that the right people receive monetary benefits.

We also cater to a sales tax audit. This way, you can be sure whether the proper authorities are receiving the money. Furthermore, it is a preparatory step in case a government agency randomly picks you for an audit.

Accounting services are the heart and soul of our firm. We cater to the major needs that you may have from your finance and accounting departments. The services we offer are:

Bookkeeping is to maintain your records in an orderly manner. It helps facilitate the audit and keeps all your bills and receipts organized.

Outsourced CFO services in Queens help you care for your finance department and maintain meetings with the owners. The Chief Financial Officer advises you about financial matters related to your company. Overall, the job also includes bridging the gap between the management and the workers. It means you do not need to hire an in-house CFO when hiring outsourced CFO services offered by Tax King.

Payroll services ensure regular employee payments and adjust all bonuses or leaves. This way, proper records are also maintained.

Some businesses need a proper license before they can get to work. Our firm offers:

To manufacture or sell tobacco-related products, you need a tobacco license in Queens offered by Tax King Inc.

Lottery licenses in Queens are for retailers who want to sell lottery tickets.

EBT food stamps licensing for the seller and the buyer.

There are many types of corporations we can find in Queens, NYC. First, we help you set up a tax ID to become a taxpayer. The ones we cater to are:

S corporation for owners that want to be taxed separately from the company.

C corporation for owners that want flexibility in ownership.

LLC formation protects you from most liabilities that may occur in the company.




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