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Accounting Services in Bronx – Tax Audit and Business License Solutions

A business owner needs many things to look into to run it successfully. Sometimes, finding the right individual for a specific job can become an uphill task. There are many things that any business owner needs to look into while running it. Sometimes, finding the most suitable person for the job becomes challenging. It happens especially when you need to manage tax audits, acquire a business license, or get accounting services in the Bronx.

So, if you do not have such a skilled person or have yet to find the most suitable tax accountant, look no further and hire Tax King Service for the best tax Bronx services. Generally, we offer Bronx accounting services and other tax audit, business registration, and other business solutions. Therefore, if you choose our firm for accounting services in the Bronx, we will not disappoint you. It is because we have professional accountants who have worked in the field for a long time.

This way, you will not need to go through the hassle of hiring a reputable and reliable resource because we have solutions for all your accounting problems. We are present here, so there will be no legal objections if businesses in the Bronx want to get tax services.

Services we offer in the Bronx

We have divided our services into five main categories. We will describe these services separately:

Our tax specialists provide you with everything from tax planning to preparation to consultancy. For that, we have a business tax preparation plan available to prepare your business for the tax season. Our tax accountants guarantee on-time personal tax preparation. More interestingly, it constitutes the expenses and liabilities of other things apart from your company or business.

Tax King Service has the facility for sales tax preparation. This way, we help you decide whether you can get the sales tax on your products. So, if it is so, maintaining that record also comes under our Bronx accounting services. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, we also provide tax extension services. Therefore, you do not need to face the repercussions in case of not paying by the due date.
Auditing is needed in any business, whether for accounts, insurance, or physical materials. The accountants at Tax King Service have excellent prior knowledge about multiple types of audits. They help you prepare for your unemployment insurance audit by telling you what documents would be needed and which forms would be required to be filled by you.

If you are unsure whether your company needs to have workers’ compensation, we guide you about that. Additionally, we also audit people currently on your payroll. It means all those who are benefiting from the workers’ compensation. One of our services is the sales tax audit, in which we focus on the sales tax that you have put on your products and ensure that it is per regulations by the IRS.
Most companies require a proper license before they can start up. To help these companies get a business license in New York, we arrange services for them to get a tobacco license and lottery license,

The state government has made a tobacco license mandatory for any retailer who wants to sell tobacco-related products such as e-cigarettes, cigars, etc.

Any retailer who wants to sell lottery tickets must have a lottery license. Generally, two types of lotto licenses are available in the Bronx, NYC.

Food stamps are being used by many people living in the state of New York. To have those, you require a license. Our firm deals with it and will help steer you in the right direction.
Our accountants are excellent at providing the best accounting services. Therefore, you will get the most authentic results while working with Tax King Service. Moreover, our payroll service ensures everyone gets paid on time. Additionally, we offer our outsourced CFO services in New York to help you supervise all financial activities.

We at Tax King Inc. not only provide accounting services in Bronx but also provide bookkeeping and reporting services to ensure all your accounting needs are discussed. Additionally, these services prepare you to deal with issues likes delays in tax submission and legal complications during audit of your finances. So, if you want to keep your business on track without issues, hire Tax King Service that has the best tax accountants in New York.

Are you suffering due to the expensive in-house accounting departments in your office? You do not need to worry, as we have an accounting team for your office. We ensure all your accounting needs will be addressed at Tax King but also confirm these services will be one of the most affordable in New York.




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