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What we offer

Accounting Services

Not everyone is well versed in accounting, but Tax King has your personal tax accountant to provide top-notch accounting services.

Tax Services

Tax King Service provides the best individual and business tax preparation services, including tax extension services.

Audit Services

Tax King Service works as your tax audit firm and ensures no discrepancies while conducting audit services, including sales tax audits.

Food Stamps License

You probably wonder how to get a food stamps license as a business owner—partner with Tax King for EBT Snap Food Stamps.

Liquor License

Any retailer selling liquor in the form of beer or alcohol needs a beer alcohol liquor license to sell liquor in New York. We provide that services.

Business License

When starting up a business, you need a license to legalize it. Tax King offers business licensing services to ensure no problems with the law.
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Company Progress

Tax king Inc. provides the best and most affordable Accounting, Taxation and Business Incorporation Services. We provide free consultancy to help them start a new business and save money. We focus on our client’s needs and assist them in bringing effectiveness to their business activities.

Business Formation
Audit Services
Tax Services
Tax Accountant Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Our firm offers a lot of services including tax planning and business licensing. We cater to all sorts of accounting problems be it managing the payroll, CFO services etc. No matter what your situation our accountants can handle it effectively.

Before we provide any services, we sit you down and assess your situation. Once we know just what services you need we create a plan and then we work in accordance with it.

At Tax King we believe that a good plan means that half the work is done. Our accountants create a goal oriented plan specifically for you so that the work becomes easier to do.

As we deal with sensitive private information, we want to ensure the security of that. Similarly, we have strict procedures for that in place and we constantly revise them. As a client you get certain confidentiality privileges as even IRS cannot make us disclose certain discussions that we have with you.

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Tax King Service, providing tax accountant NYC, offers a wide range of services to different clients from all walks of life, as we are one of New York’s finest tax specialists. Furthermore, we provide easy solutions for all your accounting and tax problems and stay updated with the latest developments in tax laws.


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